The workshop will be held at the Meudon Observatory, at the lower level of building 9 (i.e. the one with the big dome), in the premises of CIAS (Centre International d'Ateliers Scientifiques - International center for scientific workshops).

Consult the Paris Observatory website to see how to reach the Meudon Observatory: Directions to the Observatory

Once in the Observatory, walk to building 9 (the copper dome is easy to spot), enter through the front door, cross the hall and get one level down the stairs on your right, cross the Uranie Hall and enter the corridor on the other side of the Uranie Hall. Panels will point you towards the meeting room in the Observatory park and in the building.

We advise that you pick a hotel close to the Montparnasse train station. In this way you can use the suburb train from Montparnasse to Bellevue to reach the Observatory. It is a 12-minute train ride. See the train schedule at Transilien.

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